A Recent Study Unveiled the Incredible Benefits of Sleeping While Grounded.

Groundbreaking research recently highlighted the incredible benefits of sleeping while grounded. A study, featured in EH Earthing magazine, showcased a month-long blind trial where participants slept on grounded pads, revealing enhanced sleep quality and restorative effects. Pure Home 365 and Carico’s customers are already familiar with these findings, recognizing that grounded sleep improves overall sleep quality.

Moreover, a 2019 Facebook survey echoed these sentiments, with a staggering 93% of respondents acknowledging the positive impact of grounding on their sleep quality. Pure Home 365 Carico proudly offers the world’s only grounded mattress, revolutionizing the sleep experience.

For those seeking improved health through better sleep, Pure Home 365 Carico’s solution could be the answer. Take the first step to enhance your sleep tonight; connect with Pure Home 365 to discover how to achieve the best sleep of your life! Visit www.www.purehome365.com 


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