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Do Water Purification Tablets Expire?

Absolutely! Water purification tablets, be they chlorine or iodine-based, do indeed have expiration dates. Their efficacy can diminish due to exposure to factors like sunlight, temperature fluctuations, moisture, and air. Storing them properly, in accordance with the provided guidelines—sealed, dry, and away from extreme conditions—is crucial to ensure they maintain their effectiveness for as long as possible.

These tablets function by releasing either chlorine or iodine into untreated water, effectively killing harmful microorganisms. However, their effectiveness can vary based on factors such as water temperature, pH levels, cloudiness, and the duration of contact. While they serve as a valuable tool for disinfecting water, it’s essential to note that they might not eliminate all pathogens or chemical contaminants, such as pesticides. For a more comprehensive purification method, the CDC still recommends boiling water when feasible, as it remains the most effective approach.