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“Mineral-Enriched Bottled Water: Is It Worth the Hype?”

Absolutely, water indeed possesses remarkable life-sustaining properties. Bottled water companies often seek ways to elevate their products by adding various vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes, portraying enhanced hydration, enriched mineral content, and improved performance. However, the primary reasons behind these additions are taste enhancement, pH control, brand consistency, and claims of nutritional value.

The focus on the nutritional value of these added minerals raises important questions. Bottled water producers often add inorganic minerals back into the water, which differ from organic minerals naturally present in water sources. Organic minerals, bonded with carbon, have been or are part of living organisms, while inorganic minerals were never alive and lack carbon bonds.

Organic minerals form ionic bonds with the body, assisting in bodily functions like tissue repair. On the other hand, inorganic minerals, without carbon bonds, are treated as toxins by the body. Unable to be utilized as a nutritional source, the body deposits these minerals elsewhere, potentially causing health issues like clogged arteries, arthritis, gallstones, and kidney-related problems. For instance, calcium carbonate, a common inorganic mineral added to bottled water, is akin to the material found in cement and may cause health problems if ingested in large quantities.

Dr. Norman W. Walker highlighted that over time, ingesting inorganic minerals via water consumption can accumulate in the body, leading to potential health concerns. These minerals, being unusable by the body, may not only contribute to health problems but also are eliminated inefficiently.

Moreover, the amounts of minerals added to water by bottled water companies are minimal and provide insignificant nutritional value, mainly comprising of inorganic minerals, which are of no use to the body.

Ultimately, a well-rounded, diverse diet remains the best source of essential vitamins and minerals. Choosing natural sources of these nutrients over bottled water with added inorganic minerals ensures the intake of truly beneficial minerals and nutrients.