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Water Installation Services

At Pure Home 365 we use a licensed Master Plumber for all of our System installs.  We stand behind our products and make sure your systems are installed and working efficiently so you can enjoy your Pure, Clean water.  Our systems are low maintenance, use no electricity and run off your home’s main line water pressure.
Whole House:
For whole-house filtration, 8 purification stages using 4 advanced technologies.
Removes pollutants, chemicals, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, and more.
It gives your water a softer feel and prevents buildup.

Point of Use:
3 stages of water purification.
Removes pollutants, chemicals, heavy metals, and more.
Special coconut shell carbon filter removes remaining contaminants while giving you fresh, great-tasting, pure water.


Water testing is a crucial component of ensuring the safety, quality, and sustainability of water resources for both human and environmental well-being.