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Point Of Use Systems

We stand behind our products and make sure your systems are installed and working efficiently so you can enjoy your Pure, Clean water.  Our systems are low maintenance, use no electricity and run off your home’s main line water pressure.

Our Technologies

  • The most advanced point of use water purification system.

  • 3 stage filtration and purification process.

  • Removes 100% of Harmful PFAS Chemicals

  • Eliminated 99.99% Cryptospordium, Giardia, Lamblia Cysys, Ecoli, Salmonella, as well as harmful pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

  • Removes all contaminants while improving the taste of your water.

  • Conveniently install on top or below your countertop.


The world’s most advanced point of use water purification system
designed to give you the purest water for your drinking and cooking needs.

  • 18/10 Surgical Stainless Steel
  • Counter top or under counter models.
  • Simple, easy installation.
  • High capacity cartridge (typical family of four):
    • 10″ 2 STAGES purifies for 12 months
    • 15″ 3 STAGES purifies for 18 months
    • 20″ 4 STAGES purifies for 24 months (not shown)
  • Convenient
  • Economical… Pennies per Gallon
  • Total Protection

Everything tastes better with Nutri-Tech™

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Don’t Just Filter, Purify Your Water!

Carico’s Point Of Use Water Purification Systems Utilize
The Exclusive “Full Spectrum Cartridge”.

Our 0.005 Sub Micron Silver
Impregnated Electro Positive
Membrane with impregnated
activated carbon removes:
• 100% PFAS (“Forever Chemicals”)
99.99999% Cryptosporidium
99.99999% Giardia Lamblia Cysts
99.99999% E coli (Bacteria)
99.99999% Salmonella (Bacteria)
.99.99999% Pathogenic Bacteria
.99.9999% Virus and Cysts
. And it will STOP any particles
that are 500 times smaller than
a strand of human hair.

(typical family of four):
• 10″ 2 STAGES purifies for
>18 months (Not shown)
• 15″ 3 STAGES purifies for
>30 months
• 20″ 4 STAGES purifies for
>48 months (Not shown)

This custom blended inner core of
calylitic carbon block and special
advanced resins removes or reduces:
100% PFAS (“Forever Chemicals”)
100% Bad taste
>99% THM’s
>99% Pesticides
>99% Chlorine
>99% Chloramine
100% Bad odors
>98% Heavy Metals
>99% Herbicides
99% Chloroform
96.2% Mercury
98% Cadmium
100% Bad color
>99% Lead
>99% VOC’s
100% Fluoride*
*with 20″ fluoride cartridge
>80% Fluoride*
*with standard 10″, 15″ and 20″
>90% Arsenic
>90% Sulfides
>99% Glyphosate (eg. Roundup)
>99% MTBE & BTEX
(petroleum and crude oil byproducts)
And many more!

A special compressed coconut carbon
designed to remove any possible
remaining contaminants, extend the
life of the unit and provide great tasting water.

Giving You Fresh, Great Tasting, Pure Water.

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